Chapter 36

Hagerstown, MD KHGR

                         Our Engine Project

Our engine project consisted of the complete tear down and rebuilding of an O-290 Lycoming D2 engine.

A special thanks goes to Bob Schemmering for securing this motor and serving as the project manager in this endeavor. Photos of the progress in this rebuilding project can be seen by clicking on "Photo Gallery" and then selecting "The Engine Project".

Engine Log - Day 1, April 22, 2006

Ed Schupp, Bob Schemmerling, Dick Wengert, Dave Phister

1) Removed Generator and Belt
Removed Starter
Removed Starter Flywheel and Spacer
Removed Magnetos (2)
Removed Plugs and Plug Wires (8)
Removed Cylinder Heat Shrouds
Removed Right Side Cylinder Fin Spacers
Removed No.1 and No. 3 Cylinders (Right Side)
Removed No.1 Piston from Piston Arm

- All components came off easily, no corroded bolts, nuts, etc.
Initial visual inspection of removed pistons and cylinders showed �no� corrosion.
Piston/Piston Arm Pin was removed with some difficulty, it was very tight.
Piston Arm swings, but not freely at the Crankshaft.
- Piston Diameter is 4-8/16 inches.
Cylinder Diameter is 4-9/16 inches.
Piston Rings were free moving on the piston and there were no signs of corrosion.
Ed and Jay took pictures of the work performed.

To Do List:
Dick took Cylinder and Piston No.1 for inspection and to determine from these parts what type of engine we might have. His initial guess is a older model O-235.

May 10, 2006:
From the Cylinder and Piston No.1 inspection, our motor appears to be a O-290 Lycoming D2.

Project completed 2007

Photos of this project are available by clicking "Photo Gallery" and then selecting "Engine Project".

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