Chapter 36

Hagerstown, MD KHGR

                              Walter Green


Many members of Chapter 36 are avid builders and restorers. There talents and expertise is the hallmark or our chapter.

Walter Green began building his BD4 in 1971. This huge project was not completed until 1982. The finished product was well worth the time involved. Walter ended up with a beautiful airplane, with excellent flying qualities.

The BD4 is powered with a Lycoming 0320 A2B. Wingspan tip to tip is 25 feet.
There is a full instrument panel installed, which would be the envy of any VFR pilot.







                                 Jack Raun

Many members of Chapter 36 are avid builders and restorers. There talents and expertise is the hallmark or our chapter.

The following photos show the project undertaken by Jack Raun. 
Jack completed an RV6, which he started January the 4th, 1994. This project was accomplished, as Jack states, in a long series of "fits and starts".


The Airworthiness Certificate was granted in December 2003, and the beautifully finished product is now flying out of Green Landings, at Hedgesville, WV.






Finished Weight is: 1041 LBS.
Powered by Superior XP360.
Propeller: Sensenich 72" x 85 Pitch.
Utilizing Rocky Mountain Engine Monitor.
No Vacuum Instruments.
Navaid Single Axis Auto Pilot with GPS Couple.
Fuel Capacity: 38 Gallons.







                                Joe Boyle

Many members of Chapter 36 are avid builders and restorers. There talents and expertise is the hallmark or our chapter. 
The photos to the right and below, show the various stages in the building of an "L1.9 Aardvark" .
Joe Boyle is the owner and master builder of this
single place aircraft, constructed of wood, foam and fiberglass.
The Aardvark look is due to the planetary gear reduction unit on the front of the engine to slow crankshaft RPM down to Prop RPM, a reduction of about 3:1.
It is17'9" long and has a 30' wingspan.
The wing has a 55" cord.
Empty weight should be about 400 lbs.
Gross weight
about 600 lbs.
Cruise should be about 65 mph, stall about 25 mph and vne about 90 mph.
It is powered by a 430cc twin carb Cuyuna 2 cylinder, 2 cycle engine producing approximately 45 HP.


ed letter day......right.
Wings attached for the first time for alignment and match drilling of the attach brackets, measurement of the lift struts and drag struts, etc.
Joe is re-designing the ailerons from full span to tip and
designing the torque tube actuators and mounting hardware, and still has 1 aileron to build and then all the big parts will be completed.
Joe says "It's hard to believe the first pieces were built in 1988. It just might fly yet".
Knowing Joe, it will fly, and very well.


Sept. 25, 2009

The Aardvark is all in one piece in Don Myers' hangar.
He and I completed assembly yesterday and I did some engine and Taxi tests.
It actually moved under it's own power.
It may even fly some day.

April 7, 2010
The Aardvark, N68902, got her airworthiness certificate and on April 7th, her first 2 test flights were completed at W35

 November 2010
The re-engine project from the 430 Cuyuna to a Rotax 582, C gearbox and GSC 66" prop is complete.
I have 10 hours on it now and have most of the bugs out.
I flew 1 short cross country to Green landings and back to W35.
On the leg down, I flew as wingman to a Bald Eagle over the Potomac river near Big Pool.
I'm considering adding to the ailerons for more low speed roll control.
Stalls straight ahead at about 35mph, 75% cruise, (4800 rpm) is about 65mph indicated, climbs at about 800fpm at 60mph, full power straight and level, (6500 rpm) is about 84mph indicated with 15 degrees of pitch on the prop.

It will go faster but I don't want to. I prefer to keep the wings on it.









Since those pictures were published, the fuselage and tail feathers have been completed, the windows and window trim have been completed and installed.
cabin roof and greenhouse, also, have been completed, and
the fuselage and tail feather surfaces sanded and filled.
The fuselage and tail feathers are now ready for paint.
The interior has been completed and painted, the carpet is installed and the
seat upholstered and installed.
The seatbelts and shoulder harness are also installed
Joe is now
working on the wings as weather permits.

July 12, 2009

Getting closer..........................
I have the tail feathers ready to prime.........
I should spray them tomorrow morning and install them Tuesday evening....
The white is primer.
I'm leaving it all in primer to get it inspected and make the test flights in case I have to change something.
I'll paint it after I get it licensed and the test hours flown off.
I didn't quite make my goal of flying it before my 65th birthday but it should fly this summer.








                               Dean Truax

Many members of Chapter 36 are avid builders and restorers. There talents and expertise is the hallmark or our chapter. 

Dean Truax
has built a beautiful Europa
XS Tri-Gear.

Dean started construction of the kit in April of 2000 and finished it in July of 2003.

N9DT made its
first flight on September 7th 2003 with Dean at the controls. The aircraft
flew straight on the first flight with just a touch of left rudder.

It is powered by a Rotax 912s Engine with a Warp Drive Prop.

The aircraft was built in strict accordance with The Europa Builders Manual, with a few added improvements.

It's been an enjoyable 3 year experience with only minor frustrations along the way.

The aircraft has a full panel and a custom
interior and is quite comfortable to fly.

At this point in the Phase 1 Flight Test Program the aircraft appears to meet expectations.

Thanks to the people at Europa for an excellent kit and their support.

F. Dean Truax; EAA 50678; Big Cove Tannery, PA. 17212

EAA Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor was Gary Hardle























                                 Gary Hartle

Gary Hartle has a real show piece with his Peitenpol Air Camper. This was a very clean and professional project, which Gary took very seriously.






 Beautiful job, Gary. What else can we say.









                                Ed Schupp


Many members of Chapter 36 are avid builders and restorers. There talents and expertise is the hallmark or our chapter.

These are photos of Ed Schupp's completed Skyranger.
N132ES was completed and flown on 7-18-03, after + or - 350 hrs of construction. 












Empty wt. 587 lbs.
ross wt. 1212 lbs
Power by a Rotax 912, it
is not unusual to see 1200 ft/min. solo.
VNE is 130
is 38 mph.
Cruise is 100 mph at about 4 gal / hr.

N132ES is equipped with a BRS and day VFR instruments.
This is really a beautiful aircraft, and congratulations, Ed, on an
excellent job.








Ed has sold his Skyranger and is now working on an RV9-A. Photos below and left.



























Ed has completed his RV9-A, and he says that after an hour and ten minutes he had to coax Craig Fuller to land.
Many thanks to Jack Raun for his help and encouragement. 10/10/11



                         Don Myers, Pietenpol



  1. Stripped and ready for rebuild
  2. New gussets cut and ready for bonding
  3. New plywood sides for fuselage tub




  1. New firewall, mock engine mount and Don’s new recover and paint
  2. Engine mount built and engine on, GB Lewis prop and center section and fuel tank completed and installed. First engine run


  1. Wings completed and hung
  2. Wing installation crew, Jack Soronen, Bobby McBee, Don Myers and Chris Haldeman









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